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A Blues Cube Game is a game exclusive to the Blues Cube. It is not a very good game.


A Blues Cube Game is a 2014 third-person racing video game developed by Overclocked and published by Blues Co. for the Blues Cube. The player may freely drive their car on and off roads without any loss of traction, up or down 90° slopes with no loss or gain of speed, through structures such as buildings and trees (due to a lack of collision detection), falling through bridges, and out of the boundaries of the map into an endless grey void. When the player's vehicle is put into reverse, it can accelerate indefinitely, but the car will halt instantly when the reverse key is released. The player is provided with an on-screen energy bar, which decreases when the car performs any actions (including moving, teleporting, or falling into a pit, as well as levitating back to the top). To prevent this, the car can collect Blues Cubes, which are used to restore energy; when nine are collected, the car can call Hot Dog to obtain a piece of the extra-dimensional transporter. After the three extra-dimensional transporter pieces have been collected, the player must guide the car to an area where he can use the phone, which allows him to call his home planet. Things get really weird after that. When the call is made, the car must reach the spaceship in a given time limit. Once the car gets to the forest where his ship abandoned him, the ship will appear on screen and take him back to his home planet.

Once at the home planet, the races begin, with The Car facing off some of the most feared opponents: Hot Dog, Waluigi, Doccy Louie, Xenomorph, Poopbutt Koopa, Big Rig Truck, and E.T.

After finishing all the races, The Car is sent to court for being too fast and is impounded.

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