" Very Cho in Corey White House! " (Original title: Cory In The House ) is the United States television drama. It was broadcast on Disney Channel from January 12, 2007 to September 12, 2008 . A spin-off work of ' Raven looking and chowing hard ' broadcasted until November 2007 !


Victor Baxter was elected President 's full - time chef, moved to the White House in Washington, DC with his family, so Corey decided to attend a private school .


Corey Baxter: Kyle Massey (voice: Ayako Ito )

New Livingstone : Jason Drie (voice: Rayyasu )

Real name: Newton "Newt" Livingston III

Mina Parm: Myala Walsh (voice: Takeda Hua )

Victor Baxter: Rondale Sheridan (voice : Nobuaki Fukuda )

Father of Corey. It was elected President 's full - time chef.

President : John Tiacchino (voice: Masataka Aizawa )

Sophie: Madison Pettis (voice: SAYAKA NARITA )

President 's daughter.

Samantha Samuels: (voice: Nao Takamori )

Jason: (voice: Kenji Nojima )

Hurley: (voice: Mari Kano )

Sophie's best friend

Dr. Vanderlice (voice: Koji Komiya )


Season 1

  1. Moving to the White House!
  2. Friends on cross-cultural exchange
  3. Is the special from the universe?
  4. Lies do not start with a lie!
  5. Refusal of sightseeing!
  6. Dance · Battle with Air Force One
  7. If you win the election you will bear it!
  8. Child's Rock 'n' roll
  9. Sadness of love
  10. I do not want to fall in love!
  11. Blow the curse away live!
  12. Shopping is difficult!
  13.  Sweets business is not sweet!
  14.  Raven appeared! The White House is a tough tournament!
  15.  Live night is a nightmare night
  16.  Friendship is more important than love
  17.  Ribe up a liar!
  18. If the rhythm is missing, it's not a band!
  19. Do not wish upon a shooting star ...
  20. I want to see The Rock!
  21. I want to become a popular person!

Season 2

Serial number inside parenthesis

  1. (22) The White House is banning a date!
  2. (23) Composing blown away?
  3. (24) Monster Meena's Runaway
  4. (25) Forbidden kiss
  5. (26) Angel doll of fear
  6. (27) The game is a hair salon
  7. (28) Let's go to the men's model boot camp!
  8. (29) Chemical change of love
  9. (30) The natural enemy has arrived!
  10. (31) Stanley who became a good child
  11. (32) Family parents moderately
  12. (33) The call of love on the ring
  13. (34) Angry, sing and muke!


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